Eltham Physiotherapy Centre has affiliations with many local and Melbourne based sporting clubs, treating and helping adults and children participate in the sport they love.
We have Physiotherapists and Podiatrists with experience in AFL, Basketball, Netball, Tennis, Track and Field, Gymnastics and Dance.
Whether elite, social or simply for fitness we understand different expectations and specifically work to your needs.

Sports Injuries Experts in Melbourne

Sport, lifestyle and leisure activities are an important aspect of life that you need for good health and well-being. Keeping you in your sport / activity is our goal.

Identifying, treating, managing and then preventing sports injuries keeps you active for longer.

Identification: The first step is to diagnosis and understand your injury/condition and determine any contributing factors: biomechanical, equipment, training schedule, muscular tightness or joint tightness.

We can provide further referral for investigations as deemed appropriate. X-ray, Ultrasound and MRIs can be used to assist in an accurate diagnosis.

Treatment: A combination of well known physiotherapy skills and the latest up-to-date modalities are used to relieve symptoms and improve movement and function.

Bodyflow, as recommended by Cate Boyd on SEN and OneHD, is one example of these modalities.  By using the Bodyflow recover faster technology, the Bodyflow machnine (pictured above right) helps to drain fluid from acute injuries and post op injuries. www.bodyflow.com.au

Appropriate referral and co-ordination with other sporting professionals is often important, as teamwork can provide the best outcome.  Our on site Podiatrists are experts in Lower Limb biomechanics and feet. We have working relationships with GP’s,  Sports Physicians, Orthotists (Camwalkers) and Orthopeadic Surgeons for surgical management.

Managment: We will manage your injury and work with you to return to your sport / activity. Often an exercise program is used in combination with a training schedule to prepare you to be game ready.

Prevention: Indentifying any underlying contributing factors and by appropriate rehabilitation programs, we can prevent re-injury and help your body recover. We offer rehab Exercise programs and Hydrotherapy within our clinic.