Spinal pain can be debilitating and scary or simply an everyday ache that affects the things you want to do. Our physiotherapists can help you identify the cause, alleviate the symptoms and set you on the path to rehabilitation and prevention of further episodes.
Headaches can be caused by cervicogenic factors, ie your neck joints or muscles. Physio can alleviate and remove this type of Headache.

Spinal Pain

Neck and back pain can be complex or simple, whether it is a disc problem, has referred symptoms, stiff joints, weak postural muscles, or simply a headache.  The first step is an accurate diagnosis of one or many components of your pain.  Our physios draw on a number of treatment modalities to achieve results and address all contributing factors:

  • McKenzie treatment (a safe and gentle exercise and postural management based regime that has been proven to alleviate many disc conditions).
  • Taping
  • Joint and soft tissue mobilisation
  • Neural stretching
  • Electrotherapy
  • Trigger point therapy and Dry needling
  • Exercise programs
  • Ergonomic advice

They will also refer you on for further investigation, or further specialist advice if necessary.

Our Exercise and Hydrotherapy physiotherapists can also help with long term rehabilitation.