Help improve your posture and general flexibility.
Everybody can benefit!

Clinical Pilates develops improved posture, coordination, balance, flexibility and strength.

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Clinical Pilates has been developed by Australian Physiotherapists by combining the original principles of Pilates exercises with the latest medical research into spinal stability and exercise rehabilitation.

Clinical Pilates focuses on training the deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles – the ‘core’ – thereby developing improved posture, function and body awareness in all activities.

Clinical Pilates at Eltham Physiotherapy Centre
All of our sessions are provided by Physiotherapists with post-graduate training and practical experience.

Patients must attend a minimum of two individual sessions with a Physiotherapist, which allows for a full assessment of existing health and fitness issues, as well as time to discuss your expectation and to tailor your program to achieve your goals.

We provide supervised small group classes (mini classes) which are run everyday. Mini Classes cost $33 per class or $300 for pre-paid 10 classes that have flexibility for time & date.

We aim to review all group session attendees individually every 2-4 months to refine your program.

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