Physiotherapy Exercise Group sessions – Timetable as of July 2019

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
6:30 Tracey Drewe*6:45am
7:15 Tracey Drewe Katie Tracey Katie
7:30 Drewe
8:00 Tracey Drewe Katie Tracey Katie
8:15 Drewe
8:45 Tracey Drewe Katie Tracey Katie
9:30 Tracey Drewe Katie Tracey Katie Zoe G *9:45am
10:15 Tracey Drewe Patricia Drewe Katie Zoe G *10:30am
11:15 Tracey Tracey Drewe Martin Zoe G
11:30 Katie
12:00 Tracey Tracey Katie*12:15 Tracey Katie Patricia
12:45 Amalan Zoe G Tracey Katie Zoe G
1:45 Tracey Drewe Katie Tracey Katie
2:30 Tracey Drewe Katie Drewe*2:45 Zoe G
3:15 Drewe*3:30 Tracey Martin Drewe*3:30
4:15 Drewe Zoe G Martin Drewe Zoe G
5:00 Katie Tracey Amalan*4:45 Zoe G
5:45 Katie Tracey Amalan
6:30 Katie Tracey Zoe G Drewe
7:15 Martin Tracey Zoe G Drewe
8:00 Katie Tracey Martin Drewe

Physio Exercise Group sessions run for 45mins (up to 6 people)

Group sessions are subject to change.  We endeavour to run all timetabled Exercise sessions.  Sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances there can be a change of Physio in the gym. We are not always able to contact all patients if this occurs.  Thank you for your understanding.


  • Bring your socks and towel
  • It is the patients responsibility to ensure you are booked into your Physio Exercise Group session, bookings do not automatically carry over week to week (please call reception 9431 0022)
  • Please call call if you are unable to attend your session 9431 0022

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